One of the major prophecies I have ran with in my life for several years is that in the revival of Nigeria, women would be playing a very critical role. I had foreseen the rising of God sent women leaders cut across several axis and spectrum of both the ministry and the economy. I had foreseen the emergence of the unusual, heavily anointed, gifted and “can’t be ignored” girls, ladies and women who would turn the fortunes of this country around. For the past 15 years of my life, This has been the burden of my heart, the reason for every National ladies camp and the reason you are the one reading this right now

Today, creation groans waiting seriously for the manifestation of these women. Our world is in chains, our school children are besieged, sex as a weapon of mass destruction in the devils hand has become the bane of our daughters. Every young beautiful girl …. Largely an endangered specie in the hands of men with whom she must relate and when needs a strong shoulder to lean on or learn from, her search for a strong model woman available who has modeled the talk and would be willing to take spiritual responsibility for her destiny is mostly unyielding. Eventually she runs into the hands of the most available guide: Another man! Unfortunately again, many holy and highly revered hands have ended up destroying her the more. Where are the ladies on this divine Assignment?

After listening to the life stories of several damaged ladies, I have come to discover that no girl or life turns bad except that at the very junction of her turning bad…. Somebody was not there… on duty! From the mother to the elder sister, From the Sunday school teacher to the class teacher, from the government to the community leaders… we all stand at critical junctions where we could have saved several whose lives have really turned sour today from going the way they went. Most of the time, we only discover when the deed has been done and the choice cast in hard steel. All of us have a story to tell of something we wish someone intercepted us and corrected us early about before we took that bad turn full swing.

Truth is: Someone was not on duty! I am more and more persuaded that for every feat that the devil has achieved in any girl out there someone had been sent by God for her redemption! Yes!! Someone who had been right there in the same mess or may actually still be there. God uses our healing experiences to heal others and makes our destructions; platforms of global deliverances. These are God’s end time army of ladies on a divine assignment. Yes, they’ve been stained, defiled, heart broken, some actually totally messed up and damaged, abused and rejected even in holy circles. They are the ones Jesus came to heal that he might use to shame the highminded and the wise. They’ve been through hell so they know what it means to be free.They are the lasts that shall be first. Jesus summarized his description of them by saying …. Behold the harlots… in other words, the worst of women…. enter the kingdom of God before you… this is a mystery that those who would take the main stage for God in these last days are the same ladies and women that the devil thought he had finished completely.

Dear lady, do you sense a divine call from God to you deep inside your heart despite all you’ve been dealing with or doing wrong? Do you sense in you absolutely something more than you or a heavy hand on your life to birth a very unusual dimension of the supernatural? Could there be a vision God had specifically chosen you to run with? Do you carry an unusual burden for saving other lives and reaching out to the vast population of clueless children in our days? Is it time God empowered you adequately from within for the very reason for your existence? Then permit me to invite you to this holy but unusual commissioning service that God has arranged for you.

We call it the National Ladies Camp but indeed this year it is sounding to us like the pool of Siloam..which is by interpretation: SENT!! The place where that blind man in John 9 went to wash his blind eyes and he began to see; a miracle that now turned out to spark up a wide spread revival. Sent: The place where the eyes fully pops open and the vision becomes crystal clear. The place of re-commissioning and actually ordination. It will be indeed that place where the resident anointing already in you becomes activated.

It’s time again for the NATIONAL LADIES CAMP ( 1 camp, 3 regional venues, 3 Dates, Strictly Ladies & Women)

NLC SOUTH WEST : 3pm THURSDAY JULY 26th – 5am, JULY 29th (IBADAN – 07036707220)

NLC S.SOUTH/ EAST : 1pm FRIDAY AUGUST 10th – 5am, AUGUST 12th (PORT HARCOURT – 08039416629)

NLC NORTH 3pm THURSDAY AUGUST 23rd – 5am AUGUST 26th (JOS – 07034315107)

All you have to do is to come! Your feeding and accommodation would be free as the Lord provides. Register Free today at www.ladiescamp.schoolofvirtue.org and tell another friend about it. It’s time you are formally or informally launched by God… Come to Siloam! Come…He would reform you, revive you, rebuild you, send and resend you! The Spirit says Come!

Segun Coker

Visionaire: School Of Virtue

Enquiries: 07066051777. 08167716225, info@schoolofvirtue.org