Gifted and Called

You sure have a gift or gifts and at least a calling of God on your life.

God blesses us with gifts and even makes divine appointments with our lives even before we were born. We only grow up to discover so many of these endowments and may even die without ever discovering some. This is clearly expressed in Rom_11:29  and it states:
For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. (KJV) God never changes his mind about the people he calls. He never decides to take back the blessings he has given them. (ERV) God doesn't take back the gifts he has given or forget about the people he has chosen. (CEV) And when God chooses someone and graciously imparts gifts to him, they are never rescinded. (TPT)  
You sure have a gift or gifts and at least a calling of God on your life. You may not know it but ignorance of it does not diminish its reality. The truth is some of us were once aware or are well aware of the presence of some of these gifts and even callings of God on our lives but its either there’s been no activation or it’s a “on and off” situation. Sometimes we have stories of previous seasons of our lives when such gifts had been in active mode but today, there’s no sign of its presence. Yet a generation remains in bondage groaning and eagerly waiting for the manifestation of these daughters of God who hav been prophesied to usher national and global revival across lands and peoples… 
To be called of God or chosen of God for a particular assignment on the earth is not a mere thing, neither is it something to be taken for granted or trivialized. It is a virtue that no man but God can place on man. So when God calls you, many times He does so even before you realize He did and endows you with graces and gifts to carry out the calling. Above all, those whose lives He had called you to cannot but wait for you to answer such a life call except you have been replaced. 
Again I say, there’s a call of God on your life and spiritual giftings that must be activated or reactivated to put your life in the original sphere of influence God would have you exercise dominion.
Do you sense a stirring of the call of God in your heart? Have you been feeling deep within you that God really wants to use you despite all your flaws? Is the hand of God getting heavy on you even when you seem to be running away from it? Is there an assignment, a vision or burden, etc that God has placed on your heart? Are you in a state where you’re having an intense hunger for more of God to burst out and manifest in your life? Are you tired of chasing shadows, falling and rising? Do you sense that your life connects to the deliverance of several others? 
Have you fallen so bad as a leader into sin and you’ve not been able to recover? Are you broken or wounded so bad that your heart aches? Do you feel a pull on your heart right now drawing you towards God and His own plan for your life? Has God been communicating to you that it is time to burst forth in the manifestation of His Grace or are you the one who despite doing terrible things you still sense God pulling you every time towards Himself? Is there a revelation God just recently showed you about you?... If any of your responses to these is a “YES” then this camp is a set up by God to pour out Himself on you!! Come!!
The SOV INTERNATIONAL LADIES CAMP (ILC: strictly for matured ladies and women, single and married) has been used of God to birth marvelous life transforming testimonies across the earth since 2005. Note that this used to be called the national ladies camp (NLC) and holds in different regions but has now been packed together into one big international global camp for all within and outside Nigeria while other regions may still have the NLC as deemed fit.  

Register Free Now :  ladiescamp.schoolofvirtue.org
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Email: info@schoolofvirtue.org

On behalf of the entire leadership of the School Of Virtue, Welcome!! 

Segun Coker
Visionaire (SOV)